Portfolio of Knoxville Web Designer and Developer Drew Bowman

SailAway Learning & Academy

SailAway Learning & Academy is a private, faith-based educational services provider. SailAway’s primary services include: Full-Time Academy, Homeschool Programs, and Diagnostic and Academic Assessments. SailAway also offers Educational Consultations, Cognitive Enhancement, ACT Prep Workshops and training for educators. In short, SailAway offers students, families, and educators the hope to catapult to new heights of educational achievement.

Hope is at the core of what SailAway stands for and they came to me for a new brand identity to better convey that concept. After many ideas and iterations, an image of the sun rising over a horizon was chosen to visually represent the brand. The horizon concept also incorporates elements and colors from legacy SailAway marketing materials and curriculum, which helps give the branding familiarity for existing customers.