Portfolio of Knoxville Web Designer and Developer Drew Bowman


Here's To You

Here’s to the grinders.
The ones who happen to things, instead of letting things happen to them.
The ones who know that ideas are a dime a dozen, and execution is rare.
The ones who get it done, even when it can’t be.

Here’s to the craftsmen.
The ones who mold our everyday world.
The ones who design our experiences and add a touch of beauty to the mundane.
The ones who value quality over speed and pride over money.

Here’s to the generous.
The ones who give more than they take.
The ones who put others on their shoulders.
The ones who make themselves small.

Here’s to the mavericks.
The ones who know enough not to know any better.
The square pegs, the stray cats, the innovators.
The ones who draw maps instead of following someone else’s.

Here’s to the faithful.
The ones who give continuity, wisdom and experience.
The ones who are always there, even when they don’t have to be.
The ones who know that just showing up is half the battle.

So here’s a tip of the hat and a raise of the glass to each of you.
To the ones who do the work that often goes without applause.
The voice of your example has spoken louder than your words.
And for that, we are the grateful.

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